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Skyrunning Dream Routes

Skyrunning is mountain running up to or exceeding 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) of elevation gain. 

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What are Skyrunning Dream Routes?

While trail running is gaining traction more everyday throughout the USA, few events take runners to the most technical and remote terrain. GPS tracking apps somewhat fill the void for the ambitious skyrunner seeking more wild spaces, but it can be difficult to discern more challenging routes as those are often overshadowed by more popular, shorter ones. 

Our Goal

Hence Skyrunning Dream Routes. This is our effort to provide a guide and resource that Skyrunners can reference for authentic, technical and challenging routes throughout the USA, with not only big vert, but also technical terrain and some small elements of mountaineering as scrambling, via ferrate, etc. This is a rolling project we hope to build on for years to come. 

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Ryan’s Dream Route: Camel’s Hump

This is my favorite loop on this iconic mountain. One thing that makes Camel’s Hump special is that it is really only accessible by foot. No ski lifts, no toll roads. If you want to experience it you have to climb it yourself. Starting and ending at the Winooski River, Camel’s Hump also provides some of the greatest continuous vertical rise east of the Mississippi River. While the total distance and vertical of this route is significant, the greatest challenge of this route lies in the ‘trail’ itself, which is a non stop helter-skelter of roots, rocks and moss. Pick your head up to catch some views but don’t daydream too long! 


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